Frequently Asked Questions

Which dog treat sticks are suitable for the foodpen?

You can use any dog treat sticks that fit into the foodpen and that can be transported well using the dispenser wheel. Suitable products are: 

  • foodpen Pansen-Sticks (available in our shop)
  • Jahn-Snack rumen dog treat sticks (available in our shop)
  • Klassik Romeo Kauröllchen (Aldi Süd)
  • Wwuff Kauröllchen (Aldi Nord)
  • Gut & Günstig Kauröllchen (Edeka)
  • Orlando Meaty Rolls (Lidl)
  • Dein Bestes Knabberstäbchen (DM)*
  • Pitti Pansensticks
  • Animonda Dog Snacks Sticks 
  • Fressnapf fit + fun Sticks

This is not a complete list. Did you find more suitable treats? Let us know so we can complete the list!

* Usually, dog treat sticks by this brand fit into our foodpen. Due to manufacturing reasons some treats might not be transported well in the foodpen. In this case simply push another dog treat stick into the upper end of the foodpen. 

What to do if the last piece of the dog treat stick falls out?

If the last piece of your dog treat sticks keeps on falling out of the foodpen or if you use slightly thinner dog treat sticks in general, we recommend to adjust the foodpen, making it a bit tighter. To do so, carefully press in the small side struds a little bit, using a screwdriver or key.

By doing so you make your foodpen a little tighter so that thinner dog treat sticks and tails will not fall out easily anymore.