"Attention, Please!"

For your dog, the world is full of smells, impressions and adventures. In some situations, you have a hard time to get them to pay attention to you. Our foodpen will make life easier for you and your dog. And this is how:


The colour blue/ yellow serves as a signal colour for your dog, since they can see blue/ yellow better than other colours. As a result, our foodpen works perfectly as a training tool. 


Using the foodpen as a training tool will help your dog to adapt and orientate. They will quickly learn that the foodpen is a signal for something good - meaning rewards in the form of dog treats. Use this to get your dogs attention when you need them to cooperate with you. 

Clever, useful, clean

But that is not all! Our foodpen is a true all-rounder!


You're wearing gloves? You are taking care of a small child and just don't want to have dogs drool on your hands right now? 
With the foodpen, your hands stay clean


Your dog tends to be a little wild and occasionally roughly snaps the whole treat out of your hand even though they were only supposed to get a piece of it? No problem! With the foodpen it's easy to dispense and hold the treat so that your dog cannot bite off more than intended


Your dog is a picky eater? Many commercially available dog treat sticks fit into our foodpen! We listed a couple of brands in our FAQ - let us know if you discover new brand that fit so we can complete our list! 


By the way: The foodpen fits in every pocket so you can always take it with you!

What is the foodpen?

The foodpen - a treat dispenser

The foodpen is a treat dispenser which can be used for all sorts of different training situations and purposes. You put a dog treat stick into the foodpen which you dispense using the dispenser wheel. By rotating the wheel you push out or pull back the treat. You dog can easily bite off the treat at the lower end of the foodpen. Try it! It's easy, it's clean, it's clever.

The foodpen - a bridge between dog and man

Moreover, there are dogs who are afraid to approach strangers. Equally, there are many people, especially small children, who are afraid to pet or feed strange dogs. In situations like this the foodpen can act as a bridge between dog and man.

Once your dog learned that the person who holds the foodpen has something good for them, you can hand the foodpen to other people too. Now they can offer your dog a treat with the foodpen. 

The foodpen - a clever tool to train your dog

Once your dog is used to getting a reward - their treat - from the foodpen, you can use the foodpen to introduce your dog to new things, people and situations. No matter if it is an every day situation or to teach your dog a trick - our foodpen is ideal to reward and train your dog. The colour blue/yellow serves as a signal colour for your dog, since they can see blue better than other colours. As a result, our foodpen works perfectly as a training tool.